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I'm a foodie, traveler, programmer and writer. A long-time resident of Tampa Bay who moved cross-country to the south San Francisco Bay area in November 2002, I spent about four years doing contract work, primarily as a web/technical writer. From August 2006 through October 2008 I was doing full-time web applications development with a small company in Mountain View; currently I'm working in San Francisco as a web developer with a major cell phone manufacturer, as well as rolling on long-delayed personal projects. Like most people I know in the Bay Area, I rent rather than own, living with a friend in an apartment near San Mateo.

I've had a few stories published in small press 'zines, some of which are available on the web. More than a decade ago I published a novella called "A Gift of Fire, a Gift of Blood" which achieved minor fame in some circles. Most of my stories are fantasy, canted toward magic realism rather than sword and sorcery epics; many feature anthropomorphic animal characters. I've also dabbled in science fiction and straight literary work. A collection of my stories, Why Coyotes Howl, was published by Sofawolf Press in January 2005. (It's still available. Buy many copies.) I also appeared in Sofawolf's Best in Show anthology, which was republished in mass market paperback by iBooks as Furry just before iBooks filed Chapter 7. Woot.

Beyond writing, I have a love of the outdoors and of wildlife, particularly coyotes and wolves. ("Chipotle" is the name of a coyote character I've roleplayed.) I enjoy hiking sometimes, but I'm not a competent outdoorsman. I enjoy driving, far too much for my car's own good, and love to explore not only wilderness areas but interesting towns and cities of all kinds. I have a "medium-term" goal of driving along the whole of the Pacific Coast sometime, and a long-term goal of... well, that remains to be seen. Finding a place I'm willing to call a permanent home again. Maybe that's the Bay Area, although it may be farther north, along the Oregon or Washington coast.

And yes, I do have an affinity for southwestern food and chiles.

My Twitter ID is chipotlecoyote -- you're welcome to add me to your friends there.