Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Quest for interesting food!

It's occurred to me recently that I'm letting my foodie sense atrophy from relative disuse.

This isn't the fault of anyone or anything around me, housemates, friends, whatever -- I've just fallen into a less than exciting pattern. I eat at the office for dinner when I'm here and dinner looks reasonable. I almost never eat in at the house, other than a phase every 4-8 weeks where I make a concerted effort. (I have leftovers from a phase at least two months ago that I need to get rid of.) When I eat out, it's generally at one of a few different restaurants, mostly chains.

I think I need to make a quasi-resolution to get out a few times a month to new places, or even just places I don't go very often. I need to get into San Francisco and try the Zuni Cafe and Maya and Boulevard. Go down to Watsonville and try Fiesta Tepa-Sahuayo. Go back to Helios in Cupertino. Look for a great seafood place and a great Chinese place. Get up to the North Bay area and poke around Sausalito and Sonoma and Napa, where you can barely walk three yards without tripping over a chef.

I expect to use Sebkha's upcoming visit as an excuse to go, well, somewhere -- possibly somewhere up on the peninsula, perhaps Flea Street Cafe in Menlo Park or John Bentley's at their new digs in Redwood City, or the Mountain House wherever it's hiding on Highway 35 if we're feeling rustic. Who knows.

But that'll just be one place, one night. And this is one of the great food areas of the country! For folks in the local area, if you're interested in attempting some of these things, let me know.

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