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Not the Anthrocon report

I should write an Anthrocon report. We'll see if I actually do or not. A few scattered observations:

  • It's interesting to see who hangs out in the bar and who hangs out in the "general hangout area" (at AC, the "Zoo," a sort of temporary internet cafe and con suite). I did both at various points.
  • I'm not used to bars that allow smoking anymore.
  • Sebkha is one of those really cool people to talk to who, like Frang, about halfway through many conversations will make me think, "This person is much smarter than I am."
  • Graveyard Greg has way too much energy.
  • There was a linguistics panel, with a 29-page handout, run by a professor of historical linguistics. The handout was very well typeset, too.
  • I need to better at starting conversations with people rather than merely introducing myself and wandering on.
  • Part of the reason I don't always do better is that, after being in fandom for nearly two decades now, I can still get tongue-tied around people whose work really impresses me.
  • The idea of starting a web-based furry 'zine still won't leave my head. Dammit. (More about this very shortly, presuming it keeps not leaving my head.)
  • Cons in general are much more interesting when you're not sick.

I saw most of the people I wanted to, but not all of them, and some of them only in passing. (I wanted to drop by the Puzzlebox party, but I crashed at the relatively early midnight-thirty on Saturday evening and never made it up there.) This is the way of most cons, I suppose, and particularly ones that are getting as large as Anthrocon is. Over 2400 attendees is approaching true insanity.

I bought even less this con than I have at past ones -- my drive toward fannish consumerism just isn't kicking in too much these days. If someone at the con had been selling the "Girl Genius" collection I'd have gotten it, but, nobody was. I saw a print or two by Kyoht that I'd like, but not in a size that I'd like. (I'm told that I can order larger prints from her website, though.)

Both the inbound and outbound plane trips had their own interesting travails. Leaving Philly, I was delayed by the same rainstorm that caught many others today, and I missed my connection in LA. On the way out, the plan between LA and Philly had to make an emergency landing in Kansas City for a medical emergency. (A passenger collapsed two seats behind me.)

I did make time on the way out to stop at LAX's Encounter restaurant, which is one of the stranger places you can find at an airport: a fine dining establishment from the Jetsons by way of Austin Powers. Be warned that if you click on that link, you will be subject to an animated lava lamp and lounge music.

Oh. Sofawolf's July newsletter mentions Why Coyotes Howl and officially puts it on their calendar for a January 2005 release. This is also a very cool thing.


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