Watts (chipotle) wrote,

For the first time this season, I woke up to a morning temperature under 60. Since Friday I've had the air conditioning off and have left the windows open most of the time. The last couple of days the highs were only in the mid-70s, although they'll be creeping up into the low 80s as the weekend approaches (with lows getting up into the low 60s instead of the high 50s). The humidity's been low and the skies have been clear, deep blue with bright sunshine since Sunday.</p>

Welcome to Florida's idea of autumn--what most of the country sees as great summer weather.

Life is limping toward normalcy. The weekend wasn't too productive, but it was fun. I'll be working on the Untitled Dragon Story again soon (for months now, it's only been an outline in Dramatica Pro, slowly working its way toward a full-fledged idea). I sent a story off to Glimmer Train's story contest. I'm going to try to rework "Why Coyotes Howl" and send it off to a few other places, and may dust off some of my ideas for non-genre pieces and see if I can finish those and get them out somewhere, too. The cynic in me suspects I'm too enamored with clarity to do well as a 'literary' writer, but we'll see.

I also recently traded in my Nissan Sentra, with its 164,000 miles, for a new Acura RSX. Since September 15th I've already put about 1500 miles on it. I'm trying to cut back dramatically, but I figure I'll be lucky if I can manage to keep the mileage down to 400 a week on average: my commute to work is 20 miles one way, and a weekend day trip to Orlando easily ends up being 150-200 miles alone depending on who I pick up and where I go. More ominously, I haven't heard from the credit union I've supposedly gotten the loan from. I presume if they'd turned it down they'd have been quick to chase me down--but I'd presume if they wanted my money, they'd be faster about sending me a bill. It's unsettling to have committed to this much ongoing expenditure in economic times like these (particularly with the instability I continue to perceive in the company I'm at), but the Nissan was heading for serious repair bills--and for all I know this is the only time I'm ever going to be able to own something resembling a sportscar. It may be the only time I ever own a new car.

Now the trick is just building up my savings account again....


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