Watts (chipotle) wrote,

A small BandariMUCK update

Since a few readers expressed interest -- and a few showed up, but haven't recently:

Yes, it exists. Yes, there are people starting to show up there. It needs more regulars.

If you had an interest in showing up, go visit the BandariMUCK home page and poke through things again and maybe register a character.

If you have a character already, check back in on occasion, hmm? Things don't happen unless you're (a) connected, (b) where people are, and (c) not idle. Right now "where people are" is almost exclusively Sharabu. If the population gets high enough it'll spur me into getting more of the outlying building areas finished and available. (I hope I'll have time to get a little bit going on the rest before the vacation that starts a week a from now -- there's a couple more street grids to build, and a couple characters I should help set up areas for.)

If you've asked about a character and haven't gotten a response back from me, hi! I know who you are and I'm getting back to it. Really. (I'm usually better about things when they're sent through the BandariMUCK registration form.)

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