Watts (chipotle) wrote,

I'm wrestling with a few things right now, but one of them's relatively mundane. I may still have the opportunity to get a managed web hosting site -- about 1G of storage, 10G of bandwidth a month, 10 domains, a 100Mbps internet connection on a multiple-provider meshed network, on FreeBSD-based dual Xeon servers and a pretty full compliment of software (Apache/PHP, MySQL, the Textpattern content management system, Postfix and IMAP both with SSL, WebDAV support). This isn't quite as good as I'd first read it (I thought the storage was 10G as well), but it's the equivalent of the $25/month I'd pay for most commercial web hosting with that storage and with far more available services and bandwidth. The normal price for this will, in fact, be $25/month, but the special opportunity is to try to get it for a one-time price of $199. The person behind it is essentially trying to raise money by creating a small "founders' circle" rather than going the conventional VC route.

The question, of course, is just what would I do with this? I could move ranea.org if I wanted to, although I don't have any particular reason to do so. (In fact, doing so would likely necessitate me moving "Barking" off Movable Type.) I could actually set up the coyotecoast.com address that I bought a while ago. I could look into other potential project ideas I've had that I haven't pursued -- although I'm reticent to commit to them, and $200 would definitely feel like a serious commitment. The main one I'm thinking of is the online magazine I've threatened to attempt for years.

Or, I could ignore the opportunity and see if I can keep on weaseling space out of friends if I come up with such a project. I won't say that doesn't have a certain base appeal.

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