Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Writing-wise, things are inching along with In Our Image. I'm trying to get a little done on the actual rough draft every day, but most of my attention so far has been focused on the story nuts and bolts. If I sit and dwell on it for a few minutes all sorts of doubts creep to mind: is the story really going to be exciting enough? Will it be too political? Am I going to fill in the unanswered questions? Are there huge plot holes I'm missing?

So of course the best approach is: don't sit around and dwell on those things. Once I get through the rough draft (and I should keep thinking "once," not "if") I can worry about all the holes.

Earlier today I did some work for NetPoodles, too, logging in from home through a box on the DMZ. It's not much less than I end up doing on an average work day. This makes me feel guilty, since some of the other developers have been putting in 12-, 16- or even 20-hour workdays recently--but a lot of that is frantic bugfixing for projects they've worked on. And honestly I don't want to be working that long. If I ended up putting in the kinds of hours that they're putting in, I'd be a lot more frantic about looking for another job. Essentially I'm looking for a good fit, rather than pulling the rip cord and hoping I land somewhere better. To my mind, twelve-hour days are absolutely ridiculous. If I regularly worked ten-hour days, I'd want to be working a four-day week.

And you know what? I'm not much of a team player, either. If you put it that way on a resumé you might as well write "do not hire" across the top, of course. The truth is, though, I'd work well in a position that's relatively solitary, working with teams but not as one member doing the same thing the team is. The specification writer, the application architect, the UI designer.

Or the novelist, of course, but I'm working on that one.

I've had a fairly simple homecooked dinner (tequila chicken, somewhat overcooked but nicely flavored anyway) and will soon sit down with a nice pseudo con leche and work more on writing. In addition to Image there's an APA I write for, and I have a story deadline looming for that--and it represents a nice break. Hopefully I'll get that story finished soon, and will alternate Peroxide's time between the novel and my attempts to learn the Cocoa (Mac OS X) API.

Oh yes. Yesterday I wiped Habanero's hard drive, restoring all the Apple software and then upgrading it to Mac OS 9.1 and Internet Explorer 5.1, so I now have a well-used but intact original tangerine iBook (300 MHz G3), upgraded to 128M RAM. I'm going to be trying to sell it for around $400, just in case anyone's interested. A couple local people have expressed vague interest, but so far only vague.

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