Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Shortly after I wrote yesterday's entry, the recruiter emailed me to say that the job had already been filled directly by the company. I'm a bit disappointed, although she may have been more so than I was. I did send a resume in to USF for a potential position there, although it's kind of a lark--I'm not perfectly "paper-qualified" for it and they're likely to be looking for someone they can hire at half my current salary! It'd (probably) be a neat position, though, if I could get it without too much of a pay cut.

Yesterday evening I went off to Panera, a regional chain of coffee shop restaurants (similar to the Atlanta Bread Company, and I'm sure others--think Starbucks with sandwiches, soups, and a lot more breads and pastries) and camped out a bit with the laptop to see if I could get more written in Dramatica. I did, and got a few more potential scenes. If this novel gets done it's going to be one of the most overtly political science fiction novels in recent memory--not political in the way Dune is, but more in the way, say, Barbara Kingsolver's work is. No, she's not a science fiction writer. She's a good writer to keep in mind, though--even though her politics sometimes get a little too overt she keeps the story focus very personal. (Admittedly her plots don't often involve things that can ultimately only be resolved by Supreme Court decisions or acts of Congress.)

Well,it's already quarter to eight in the morning, so I'm nearly late and it's just gotten past the freezing point here in Riverview. Literally--it dropped down to about 30 overnight. Off to work, for whatever I can manage to do today.

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