Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Dribs and Drabs

My Movable Type-to-LJ hack didn't seem to be working happily yesterday; we'll see if it does better today. (So far it hasn't.)

Work did come to an end last week, as predicted. I may be back, as things seemed to close on good terms. For this week, I'm effectively on vacation -- simply because I'm, uh, going on vacation next week, the road trip with mom that I've previously written about. I'll be polishing up my resume and the give-me-freelance-work-please ads for Craigslist, and maybe researching places that I'd like to try to specifically target to get into, trying more of a What Color is Your Parachute approach to job seeking.

Beyond that, I'm hoping to recapture the muse I've let slip away most of this year. BandariMUCK has been a good way to keep creativity from completely vanishing, but it's not the same as writing. And I've let my photography hobby slip to the wayside -- I need to really get back out there taking more pictures, so I can get frustrated at the limitations of the cameras I own now and pine for a D-SLR.

The plans for the mom road trip are still half-baked, er, half-formed. Saturday and Sunday will be spent in Monterey, with a Mother's Day Brunch at a restaurant I have reservations for there but don't remember the name of. Tuesday I have reservations at a lodge in Sequoia National Forest. My thought is that we'll be heading down the coast Sunday and Monday and across to the Sierras on Tuesday, then make our way back up that area Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday night'll be spent back at the house, so that really leaves Monday and Wednesday nights as random points. Monday I expect to be around Morro Bay; Wednesday might be somewhere in the Yosemite area, although if I want to try that, I should look for lodging ASAP, I think. (Not in the park, probably, but there are a lot of interesting little lodges and inns in the general area.)

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