Watts (chipotle) wrote,

As a random note...

...Drambuie in a brandy snifter is a good thing.

After having coffee with a shot of Morgan's Spiced Rum, and the Drambuie later, I feel noticeably light-headed. Either I've had more of one or the other or both than I'd thought, or I'm even more pathetic when it comes to alcohol than I'd thought. (Or all of the above.)

Drambuie's web site claims it's supposed to be served over ice in a whiskey glass, but the first time I was served it, it was in a snifter, so the notion's stuck with me. At Beverages and More today I was tempted to get a beer glass or two that's more appropriate for Belgian-style beers, the ones that want you to serve them in bell-shaped glasses. The only beer glass I have is actually left over from a former roommate, and seems to be a traditional lager glass (what BevMo refers to as a pub glass).

I don't actually have proper wine glasses, except for one which I think is, technically, for white wine. And you know, I've read the basic rationale behind the different shapes of glasses for different beverages, but I still suspect one serves different types of alcohol in the proper glass chiefly to show that one knows what the proper glass is.

What's the proper shape glass for a root beer? Does the brand make a difference? A&W goes in a frosted mug, Weinhard's in a lager glass, Safeway in a paper cup?

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