Watts (chipotle) wrote,

MUCK update

For those of you who expressed interest (or who are vaguely interested without having expressed it?), while BandariMUCK isn't open, it's visitable -- although for the immediate future only to those who are interested in finishing the core building and continuing to expand the wiki. I'm calling this "Backstage Pass" access, for people who are comfortable with the unfinished state. At this point players have to be interested enough to get characters from reading the background and wiki discussions. (There's no guest access. I haven't figured out what guest access is actually going to entail yet.)

The full opening will wait until there's at least some of the official web site up... notably, the parts that will let new players know what the heck the MUCK is about. Much of this is likely to be taken from the wiki, naturally.

The wiki is at: http://www.ranea.org/wiki/ -- look at the BackstagePass page for character information.

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