Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Music meme sheep!

There's one of those memes floating around LiveJournal: if you have an MP3 collection, start up your player with your entire library on random shuffle, and list the first fifteen tracks it picks. All right, time to play meme sheep, with a few random comments.

  1. "Kathy's Waltz," Dave Brubeck Quartet (Time Out)
  2. "The Heart That You Own," Dwight Yoakam (Last Chance for a Thousand Years)
  3. "It Looks Like Rain," Jann Arden (Living Under June)
  4. "Heart Sequence (Moveable Feast Mix)," Aquarhythms/Rabbit in the Moon (Rabbit in the Moon Remixes Vol. 2)
  5. "Nothing Left to Lose," Alan Parsons Project (Turn of a Friendly Card)
  6. "Trois Gymnopedies, No. 1," Anne Queffelec (Satie: Works for Piano Solo)
  7. "Roxy," Concrete Blonde (Group Therapy)
  8. "Time To Get Out," Steve Hackett (Defector)
  9. "Chains of Love," the dirtbombs (Ultraglide in Black)
  10. "The Mechanical Nightingale," Rimsky-Korsakov (Scheherazade)
  11. "There Was a Little Boy," Toy Matinee (Toy Matinee)
  12. "A Singer Must Die," Jennifer Warnes (Famous Blue Raincoat: the songs of Leonard Cohen)
  13. "Paths of Desire," October Project (October Project)
  14. "Celestine," Annie Haslam (Annie Haslam)
  15. "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," The Mavericks (Live)

And the random comments:

  • The Anne Queffelec piece was part of an "iTunes Essentials" collection, essentially CD anthologies that Apple puts together around various themes. That one was "The Gentle Rain," which is music they thought would be good for a rainy day. Odd, huh?
  • the dirtbombs (I've always seen the name lowercased) are fronted by furry fan and author Mick Collins, who was recently named to Spin magazine's list of the 30 coolest people in rock.
  • Leonard Cohen fans might be surprised that someone known mostly for a couple exasperating pop duets in the '80s would have recorded a Cohen cover album. She was actually a backup singer in his band, though.

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