Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Work update

I've signed a short-term contract with the company Tugrik is at for technical writing. This is more than I've made before on a weekly basis and is doing stuff that I haven't done before at this scale. While this leads to an aaah, I'm going to fall on my face feeling, that's a similar situation to the one at Linvatec and I didn't face-plant there. So I'm not too worried. And I can put more than half of my income away into savings; if the contract runs the full 12 weeks, I'll amply replenish things.

I'll have to start getting up at a more reasonable time again, but I think I can manage that.

Thanks, Tugrik, for mentioning me to your boss, and nudging him a few times when appropriate.


In thematically-related news, the catalog company in Walnut Creek "decided to pursue another candidate," as they say. So. I also received a call from someone looking for contract work on a food magazine's website, which I'd like to be able find some way to help with just because it sounds fascinating. But I don't know if that'll end up going anywhere.

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