Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Whole Foods Market

...is a bad place to "discover" when you have no income.

I put discover in quotes because I'd known of the place before, and I'd even had lunch there in Palo Alto once. But it wasn't until just a month ago that it really sank in that I passed by one just a few miles from the house when I went back and forth between here and Los Gatos, right across from Lunardi's, an upscale grocery chain. Whole Foods really isn't more expensive than Lunardi's, but it's mostly organic, and they have a lot of bulk foods available, which actually reduces the price. (The "steel cut oats" I bought a can of a couple months ago I could have gotten for about a third of that price, it seems, just by leaving out the can.)

And it's just got so much stuff, even things I didn't see at Draeger's, the canonical snooty food store of the Bay Area. Real posole, which I'll be tempted to make now. ("Posole" is both a dried corn, like hominy, and a stew you make from it.) Four grades of maple syrup, as opposed to the "Grade A Medium Amber" you normally only see, and explanations as to what the difference actually is. Raw milk--which I had to get some of, since I needed milk anyway. And damn if it doesn't taste better than pasteurized milk.

I got some of their store brand root beer (which isn't bad at all, it turns out, although it has a flavor characteristic that's somehow common to organic root beer), and a couple other sundries. And, due to Cargo's posting about making his own granola using an Alton Brown recipe, I decided I'd make some myself--they had all the dry ingredients in the bulk section, and I chose the dark amber maple syrup, which has a strong overtone of caramel to it. I'm actually looking forward to breakfast tomorrow.

I expect the "no income" problem to be remedied soon, at least temporarily. Then I can actually go back and (gasp) plan recipes.

Or buy a lot more green coffee, but that's another story.

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