Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Plodding downward

The interview with the catalog company on Monday went well, but I haven't gotten hold of their business psychologist yet. Their what? They have a business psychologist on retainer who I'm supposed to call. I've called him today, but didn't leave a message, apparently just so I can ask myself why didn't you leave a message? at this point.

And ya know, I thought the interview at the non-profit on Friday went well enough, but I just got word back that I didn't get the position.

Which makes me wish I looked a lot more active about pursuing the catalog company position, despite the drawbacks. I think I'd really expected I was going to get the part-time job, and I'd let myself start unconsciously planning around desired outcomes rather than actual ones.

I haven't heard anything back from the fellow at the church I met a week and a half ago who was supposed to be giving me networking contact information; I'll need to try to dig that up on my own. I suppose I'll need to register with temporary agencies soon. I need to stop letting time get away from me with respect to the more proactive things I should be doing for setting up a consulting company.

This makes it sound like I'm sitting idle, but I'm not--I've been making at least a contact a day. But I need to make contacts with prospective clients, not just prospective employers. Right now I'm essentially just hanging out a shingle and hoping for good things to happen, and by and large they're not.

I'm living on the money that I owe for taxes. This isn't a good situation. (I'm trying to be careful with the outflow, but I need to be more careful.) I can switch to living off credit for a month or two, but it's not as if that's an improvement.

After the con, I'm probably going to register with a few temp agencies. I haven't done that since 1994, but if I don't have some income in February, March sees me living on credit, and April sees me selling off all my stuff and hitchhiking to Mongolia to herd yaks. (Before April 15th, specifically.)

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