Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Catching up and looking forward

I realize I haven't updated in nearly a week. No excuses; life has been neither unaccountably exciting nor unaccountably dull, I just haven't been accounting.

Sunday, I didn't go to Marin County; I decided to head south, because the sky was clearer that way. I ended up at Morro Bay, a small coastal town just south of San Simeon. If you look at that picture of the town, an aerial shot showing the whole bay, the first thing you will say is: "Damn, that's a really big rock." The picture won't show you that the town is very sleepy and has no coffee shops that I found right on the water. I settled for a little cafe where I ordered coffee and a bowl of clam chowder, advertised as the best in Morro Bay. A cynic will note that there isn't a whole lot of competition for that title, but it was a pretty good clam chowder. (I'm not sure it's better than Ivar's, at the Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara, but the scenery is far nicer.) On the trip I considered, not for the first time, the fancy of being an eclectic travel writer, doing something more like New Journalism-style travelogues a la Bill Bryson than like conventional road trip guides.

This week has been spent dabbling, not at the speed perhaps I should be, at the theatre company's web site that I previously mentioned, and getting out more resumes and contacts. I'm likely to have an interview with a non-profit group in Redwood City that's something like a "Rock the Vote" kind of group but organized on a grassroots level, and there's a company in Walnut Creek which I'm playing phone tag with about a web producer-type position. (I can't remember what the title they used was.) And, today I sent out a resume for another web producer position (this time I know that was the specific title) whose qualifications are a very close match to my resume, at a company which is the market leader in the field NetWolves was in.

The company in Walnut Creek is in a catalog business which I'd never have thought of looking at, but they sound like a cool group just from the way they wrote their ad and the way they wanted you to apply for it (no resume, but a questionnaire, which included "proof this ad and send it back to us"). Their immediate downside is only that they're in Walnut Creek -- which is a fine town, I'm sure, just a fine town that's an hour away. Perhaps that'd spur me to look into public transportation, which I'm sure would greatly expand the commute time but let me be working on other things during the commute.

The non-profit, naturally, would almost certainly be the most interesting. It'd be highly politicized, as the group seems to have gotten started primarily from discontent with government policies over the past couple of years that they feel are increasingly antithetical to positions they hold. Essentially, they're trying to push the current twenty-something generation into political participation. I've been feeling more prone to politics from my own dissatisfaction with governmental policies over the past couple of years, so I'm probably on the same wavelength. From a job standpoint, the downside of this is, of course, that the income would be about one-third what I'm used to, a disparity which has not fully sunk in yet. Of course, I'd also have the ability to continue trying to flounder around with freelancing. (No, I'd have the requirement to do that; a fairly conservative estimate of my needs still suggests I'd be about 45% short of what I need to keep up with bills and food.)

2004 is going to be an interesting year, I think. I've been trying to decide if it feels like it's started on the right foot or the wrong foot, but I think it feels more like it's started off doing a handstand and then leaping on a unicycle.

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