Watts (chipotle) wrote,

After politics...

I naturally figured I'd have to come up with a religious message. Well, no, it wasn't like that; I'd been considering finding a nearby Unitarian Universalist church for months and never motivated myself to. I still don't know that I will, to be truthful, but I did come across the church's holiday message and thought I'd blithely share the prayer there -- intended for the holiday season, but I think it's a good benediction to head into the new year with.

Spirit of Life and of Love. Dear God.

Our hearts go out to those who suffer. Not only those abroad who stand in harm's way, and not only the poorest of the poor among us. But even those of us who are most comfortable, but still live with hurting hearts.

We pray that we can forgive others, and in our turn find forgiveness. Forgiveness for the ways we have, without intention, harmed others. Forgiveness for mistakes made. For harsh words. For relationships untended. For promises unkept. Forgiveness for not being able to care about everything.

We pray for our nation and its leaders. May our nation's power be tempered by compassion and our self-interest moderated by the inescapable reality of our connected lives.

We pray for peace in our world and for peace in our hearts. We know that we must create peace. There are no other hands on earth but ours. And so we pray most for strength. Strength to endure what must be endured. To overcome what can be overcome. Strength to hold a vision of what can be, without being disheartened by what is.

We pray for hearts moved by love, and the strength to make that love real. We pray that in our lives and in our world, love will triumph over fear.


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