Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Preparing to go east

I'm flying back to Florida for Christmas, leaving on Sunday and returning the following Monday, so I have a full week there bracketed by two travel days.

It's going to be an interesting attempt at scheduling. All of my friends may be in Tampa, but my mother is in Ridge Manor, forty-odd miles north directly along I-75, and my mother has taken that week off from work. I have a lunch scheduled with my former coworkers at NetWolves on Monday, a dinner with Josh, Dusty and Kiarrh that evening, and a party with Maggie and the "Tampa Pack" on Friday. I want to have dinner with just Josh at some other point--probably a weekend day, at a restaurant I should probably pick really soon (despite being in foodie central out here, there are several Tampa Bay area restaurants I miss--even a few good chains that haven't come out here yet). I have other friends who aren't quite synced with either of those groups--or, as far as I know, with each other--that I'd like to get in touch with. And I also know that if I don't spend the majority of free time with my mother, it will create much angst. (And at least some of my friends, my mother would like to see, too, but I have no idea if I'm going to be able to work that one out--truth to tell, it's been a lower priority meet than the others.)

In the interim I seem to be trying to shop for gifts, fruitlessly. I have a limited budget since I have a zero income, and I'm having trouble finding small but interesting gifts for people I'd like to, at least for principle's sake, not be empty-handed to. Saying, "Well, I'm in Florida and we can see each other, at least," may be true, but--call me a product of my commercial culture--it feels like it would be disappointing. At any rate, I've wandered Los Gatos twice and the Oakridge mall twice, and I planned on today being my "expand out to other shopping areas" day. Naturally, the weather has planned on today being the "cloudy and rainy" day after a week of pleasant sun with light clouds. Nonetheless, it's off up the peninsula for more shopping attempts, I think.

And if I meet you in Florida later this week empty-handed--well, at least I'm in Florida.

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