Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Gosh, you're quiet.

Yep. For most of a week I've been fighting off either the sickness my housemates have had, or serious allergy attacks--it's hard to be completely sure, since my allergies often do look like colds, and I've had no other symptoms than congestion. And it's been a lot of congestion. They may name a wing in the Kleenex museum after me. After three days of Claritin, the antihistamine appears to be finally winning, though. We'll see.

The week hasn't been spent entirely in bed. I've done a bit of work on different story notes, updated a neglected website and started to plan a new one. Last night I finally saw Spirited Away on DVD. Last week I cooked a great jerk pork roast, although I can't take credit for the seasoning--I used "Busha Browne's," which is from Jamaica and, unlike most of the others I saw at the store, had the right look for jerk (a thick, ominous green paste). And it had the right flavor, too, better than the jerk I've had at more than one ostensibly authentic restaurant.

Today, I may get out to get stuff to do a Chicken Paprikás for dinner. I may also nap, because we're going to see The Return of the King at midnight. I'll do still more story notes if I can. I may go out to a little café somewhere and work on said story notes, even though my budget for hanging around cafes is getting awfully tight. (They don't like it if you just sit down with your laptop and don't buy anything, for some reason.) I still haven't figured out quite why it's easier to work on story notes--and sometimes even stories--outside the place that I live. It may be that there's simply less distraction of my own making: even though I have my personal space set up now, it's very easy for me to diddle around on the internet or with games or whatever when I get stuck on notes. Once I'm actually going on a project I'm not too easily distracted, but collecting everything I need to write a story--fleshing out the whos and the whys of the characters and the setting, the how things came to be the way they are and the what people wish they were like instead--is a stage it's very easy to mentally wander in. When I'm out, the only thing to do other than to work is to people-watch--which can be inspiring in its own way.

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