Watts (chipotle) wrote,


So last night was just a quiet thanksgiving with Frang, Farix and the ephemeral presence of Alton Brown.

Frang made a wonderful grilled lamb, wrapped up in a grilling sauce made with mustard, mint and garlic, and a very good roast pumpkin soup. Farix made pumpkin dumplings--yes, it was a very pumpkin evening, but they were also pretty darn good--and two pumpkin pies, one with pecans. What did I do? Mostly, provided Tugrik's kitchen, and some club soda for making mojitos. (And I bought a mince pie, because to me that's just part of Thanksgiving. I seem to be one of the only people I know who likes them!)

I've never been one for big lists of "that which I'm thankful for." This isn't because I'm not thankful; it may just be because I'm reserved about public displays of emotion. But I'm thankful for making it a year in California, and hopeful I'll still manage to be here come next Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for friends here, particularly my roommates, Tugrik and Revar. I'm thankful for my family, and a tolerant mother. And I'm thankful for Josh, for both love and friendship--not only a long-distance romance, but a long-distance travelling companion.

I finished the basic layout for Why Coyotes Howl (the name of my story collection) and have had enough time to go through it and do some typographic twiddling. TeX's standard way of "balancing" pages (making sure they end on the same line) while making sure there aren't any widows (the last line of a paragraph at the top of a page) is to slightly expand the leading between paragraphs on a page. InDesign can do that as well, but with typical coyote contrariness, I'm following the guidelines in Elements of Typographic Style, which tell one to be concerned only with the balance of a "spread" (facing pages) and to add or subtract a single line from pages to achieve that balance. Truth to tell, I'm not sure whether I like this approach more or less than TeX's; while it preserves my 12-point leading perfectly, the bottom margin can vary by as much of a third of an inch--two lines--between spreads. (I suspect if I was sufficiently pedantic, I'd go back and twiddle the flow still more, to try and make sure it never varied by more than a sixth of an inch.)

And, while I have much more typographical twiddling to do, I'm considering just heading out on another silly drive now for the few hours of remaining light. (The short days are the clearest reminder of just how much farther north I am than Tampa. That, and actually having a fall, with leaves changing colors and dropping--people who say that California has no seasons haven't lived in Florida south of the frost line.)

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