Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Not entirely unproductive

Today--well, yesterday, since I'm still thinking of today as Tuesday--I didn't make much progress on job hunting. I got two rejections for earlier attempts, haven't heard back on two others, and got frustrated with Volt Technical Services' broken résumé submission system. Fie, I say. Realistically, I know that Thanksgiving week isn't going to be a great job hunting time. (Realistically, the rest of the year is likely to suck eggs; not only are we in the midst of the holiday season, companies that have annual hiring budgets are likely to be waiting until January, and the new year, to do more.)

What I did get done today was a start on typesetting the story collection--not just endless futzing around with designs. This isn't to say that there isn't futzing likely to happen in the future, but what I'm doing now is likely to be the basis for the real book. There's still a lot of open technical questions about production, but a PDF in the hand is worth two in vaporware.

Or something.

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