Watts (chipotle) wrote,

In Our Image is coming along. I think. I seem to be discovering new things about main characters; this could open up the plot in good ways, ways that add some of the complexity I was flailing around for in the first version without adding needless complication.

I think. Or, they could be new ways for me to drive off a cliff. Narratively speaking.

And speaking of driving off a cliff, I'm typing this journal entry on a new computer, a PowerBook G4 that's replacing Habanero, my iBook. It's arguably nuts to replace a computer that's less than three years old. But, well, computers do that. It's not a financial hardship for me (presuming I don't lose my job anytime soon--or at least presuming I'm employed once the bill comes due in six months).

I have a crazy idea of learning how to program Mac OS X at some point in the future and seeing if I can come up with a program that someone might want to buy. What does programming have to do with being a fiction writer? Nothing. But I'm a geek. And for the foreseeable future, my income is going to come from being a geek rather than a fiction writer. So it behooves me to try to find ways to make geek money doing things I'd still enjoy.


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