Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Not there

I mentioned in my last entry that my contract at There ended on November 15th, and that I thought my work situation was still unstable. I'd also written about that a month ago to the day, when I'd confirmed my then-boss was going to be leaving, and said that the idea of a data gopher hired on a temporary contract could be called into question. I'd titled that entry, "Can I call it, or what?"

And I ask again--

I was told today that my contract wouldn't be renewed. They'd like me to help finish cleaning things up a bit, but I'll be out by the end of the week.

I'm further told they're looking for someone to replace my ex-boss who has management experience, probably someone more senior than he was, and I'm told they want to have a contract position going forward as someone who's basically a data entry grunt. So they want someone at a higher level than I am, and at a lower level.

So I'm told. The one sour note in this is junior guy who started a month or so ago and is doing... well, basically what I am. I didn't know he was going to be hired and never heard about that position, so was never offered an opportunity to apply for it. Maybe the original thought was that they could have two people as the SQL-savvy reporting guys, and they decided they really didn't need two after all.

Or, maybe the original thought was that they wanted someone who had a degree and probably wanted less money than I would have. No one really bothered to ask what I'm capable of doing beyond what my position indicated, which they could have gotten some inkling of just by looking my résumé (I worked with both MySQL and PostgreSQL at NetPoodles, and at Linvatec, played MySQL database architect. I have five years' experience at Intermedia, working with what amounts to a subscriber-based business model. None of this was hidden information, but I wasn't given an opportunity to sell myself--which makes me suspect they weren't interested in keeping me on if they could get Junior Guy for less.

So. I'm about to be freelance. I have what would be a huge savings cushion... if it wasn't all committed to taxes. I may end up living on it anyway and risk getting into trouble five months from now. Who knows. I'll immediately be looking for work, of course, but my plane tickets for my Christmas vacation are already bought. They're not refundable, and really, they're not negotiable. I don't know how well that'll go over with a prospective employer looking right now. (For better or worse--well, probably better--it does eliminate any possibility of holiday retail work.)

On the off chance you know anyone in this general area looking for an entry-level writer or editor, an experienced (if perhaps eclectic) digital typographer, or a PHP-focused web developer/designer, though, please send them my way.

Just nothing with Microsoft Access, please.

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