Watts (chipotle) wrote,

A quick update

Quick, because it's the morning and as usual I'm running late.

We made it to Parcel 104 on Saturday. Wow. I had about the best pork chop I've had, prepared with cola-glazed bacon and candied sweet potato slices, proscuitto flatbread with fresh figs, field greens and parmesan, and a very dense pineapple upside-down cake with Jack Daniel's ice cream. Kim and I suspected we could tell the chef's handiwork based on similar quirks to his menu at Spoodles, back at Disney: combining flavors that don't stand on their own but work really well in combination. Others at the table had a strip steak topped with brie and veal cheeks with pumpkin risotto.

I managed to get everything done this weekend that I needed to, both professionally and personally. There's still a lot of projects ahead to get to that I'm behind on--but I'm feeling good about them.

Now, off to the office. I'm told there's an accident on northbound I-280, north of where I turn off the road. Hopefully it won't be backed up to my turnoff anyway.

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