Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Quiet birthday (loud keyboard)

I had a good, if quiet, birthday yesterday. A couple nice presents and a lot of well-wishes. This weekend I have tentative plans to go to what my Tampa friends and I would have dubbed a "four screaming wallet" restaurant, Parcel 104. I've been curious about trying one of the restaurants that local culinary magnate Bradley Ogden is behind, and the choice for this one was made when I learned that the head chef used to be the chef at Disney World's Flying Fish Cafe, one my favorite restaurants in Florida.

A keyboard that I'd ordered early last week arrived yesterday, too. It's a Kensington StudioBoard, and it's the only mechanical-switch USB keyboard I've found. Goodness, it's loud--it rivals the original IBM PC keyboard (or for that matter, the earlier Apple keyboards, which it's modeled after). But it definitely has a nice feel to it.

I've been waking up late every morning this week, no doubt because I'm getting to bed late every night. I'd envisioned that I'd be getting up bright and early and working on the computer; I think I may finally admit defeat on this and just aim for getting up at 8:00 or so, assuming I'm not going to get anything done. (Really I could get up at 9:00 and dash out of the house, but I prefer being able to wake up a little more leisurely than that.) Tonight is going to be a lot of flyer work. This weekend I should also work on an APA submission -- which I really should have been working on several weekends ago -- and hope I manage to squeak something useful in before deadline.

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