Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Good things and a grump

The G5 is fast. I almost hate to say this because it tends to bring out pissing contests in people. It's safe to say, though, that it's certainly the fastest computer I've either owned or used in more than passing.

I've been attempting to find and install various alternatives to "big name" programs, with mixed success. I may end up looking for an alternative to Macromedia Fireworks at this point, because Macromedia is not being successful (and has apparently stopped trying to be helpful) in getting Studio MX installed on Parmesan. I have a valid copy (bought from their store) and a valid serial number, but it's an upgrade serial number, and wants the serial number of the product I'm upgrading from -- which was Fireworks 3. I don't have FW3 anymore. Macromedia sent me a FW3 serial number which doesn't work. If anyone has a workable Macintosh serial number from any old Macromedia product, I'd be interested in borrowing it. Given that I own the damn product, I don't consider it piracy.

I also had an interesting dilemma -- 30M of files sent in email, broken up into four messages as a 'multipart' file. Each one told me to combine them by selecting all four and going to the MIME menu and selecting "Combine Messages." There is no MIME menu. Argh again, I say. I did get the files out, thanks to the Unix standby munpack. That was only half the battle, though, since the EPS didn't load into anything, even after the guy sent it to me again in a mail message my mail client was happy with. Fortunately, another Unix program came to the rescue, using GhostScript to convert the file to PDF from the command line. This is one thing I will laud the Mac for over both Linux and Windows--there are definite advantages to having one operating system which can both run mainstream programs and engage in Unix hackery.

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