Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Behold the power of cheese

Naturally, I broke down and decided to keep the G5.

It's been a weekend of continuing room rearrangement, with another trip to Ikea to finally get a floor lamp that can light up the whole room fairly well, and more poking around to try to find an arrangement for desk, bed, bureau and table in a relatively small space that works. (I'm not sure the one that I have is the final layout, but it's getting close.) And, beyond that, a couple days of trying to do computer setup. I haven't done this for a home computer in a while, and I'd forgotten how... entertaining it can be. You forget the number of third-party applications you "can't live without" and all the little tweaks you do to make a computer work just the way you want until you have to do them all over again. (I'm firmly convinced that this is why so many Linux fans insist that Linux has been easy to use for years and people who don't think it's easy are just stupid; the fans have been using a comfortable setup for so long that they forgot the torture they put themselves through to get to that point. But I digress.)

I'm still not there; the most notable lack now is Macromedia Studio MX, which I can't reinstall even though I have the original serial number: I have an upgrade version, and it wants the serial number from my copy of Fireworks 3, too. I don't have that anymore. (And I'm desperately hoping I can just copy the application over directly and not have to reinstall it from Macromedia's installation program, because their installer at that point was a "Classic" application--Parmesan doesn't have the Classic environment installed on it at all.) But, I'm getting close. I've gotten my address book over, and gotten NetNewsWire moved. I'll remember to move my Safari bookmarks over tonight, I imagine.

This of course is more of a delay for the moment in getting my theoretical work environment set up, since I'm going to be spending too much time playing with the new toy. But, hey.

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