Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Owned by the Swedes

So yesterday (Monday) I stopped by Ikea after work and looked around at various pieces of furniture, and found a couple likely culprits for a computer desk. The one that I had in Florida was one that I liked a lot, really -- a Mission-style desk from Target (of all places). It was the absolute basics for a computer desk: a flat wooden surface, a pull-out keyboard drawer, and that was it. With the drawer pushed in and the chair pushed in under the desk, it took up very little space, making it great for my living room.

Today, I bought a desk similar to that (and at the same $99 price: high for Target, moderate for Ikea), but in a more "antique" style: a computer desk from the Leksvik series. (Oddly enough, the desk is in the photo on that page, but doesn't appear to be selectable as an item.) The desk is currently in a box in my bedroom. The box has been opened, enough for me to read that the assembly instructions are many pages long and in 33 steps. I'm pretty sure the desk from Target was easier to put together. I may start tomorrow morning. I may not.

I definitely see the evil of the store. It's designed to make you walk through showrooms which give you lots of ideas for other rooms in the house, then through a "marketplace" of reasonably-priced knick-knacks. At one point I found myself thinking, "Hey, I bet Samanthia would like this kitchen design." (The cabinets were black. A lot of their kitchen design was pretty cool, actually.) Monday night, I ate dinner at the store, in the little cafeteria. Swedish meatballs, naturally--and a surprisingly good apple cake. Bork bork bork.

I'm tempted to go back to Ikea for the chair, too, alarmingly enough.

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