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I'm used to a constant, low-level stream of bad "premonitions"; I put it in quotes because I don't consider it a sixth sense as much as my internal storyteller babbling when she doesn't have anything better to contemplate than the way whatever happens to be around me could be made more tense. So: over the past month I've gotten this vague sense that maybe my boss is ... having work issues of some unspecified nature. Looking for other work. Finding other work. Preparing to take some kind of extended time off. There are just little things: the greater distance we have, the odder hours he's been keeping, and so on.

Stuff for the internal storyteller to spin tales from. Nothing actually concrete. This is aided and abetted because I'm pretty much out of the loop on office things. I've cast myself in the role of data gopher rather than active marketing assistant. This is a classic CLM ("career limiting move"), but hey, casual readers know I'm not looking at the marketing department here as a career.

Yesterday, though, another coworker said something like, "So I guess you're going to get a lot busier with [boss]," and he waved his hands a bit. I raised my eyebrows and said, "What's up with [boss]?" and he made Colonel Klink-ish I said nothing! motions, and changed the subject to a new guy coming in, which of course I'm out of the loop on (see above).

And see, one thing I know in my heart of hearts is that as much of a stressball as I've been, it's got to be nothing compared to my boss. He gets in the same time I do, sometimes earlier, stays later, and always works from home. He's running around the office constantly. I only know half of what he does because in nine months he hasn't had the time to show me the other half.

And if it turns out he is disappearing, for whatever reason, then I'm going to be the most experienced person in the little group that acts as the interface between marketing and the DBAs. Since (say it with me) I'm out of the loop, I won't be promoted, I'll just suddenly be doing a lot more work. In theory I have the free time for some more even at the office; in practice, though, new work always seems to "clump" at any office, and at this one, it often shows up at 5:30 or 6:00 p.m.

My internal storyteller is already tossing off plotlines based on this, and I don't think I like any of them.

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