Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Reality check

As much as I grouse about aspects of my work, I occasionally slapp myself with a little perspective.

For someone without a degree, I've beaten most the odds with respect to employment and salary. I don't feel rich, but I've made far over the national average for someone with my background. I drive a nice car that so far I'm able to keep paying for. I have too much debt, but not counting the car loan, it's well under $10K--I don't like living with it but payments aren't crushing. I've never been homeless; I know I'll never have to be homeless.

This doesn't mean I've abruptly stopped thinking about leaving my current job and, ideally, striking out on my own. And it doesn't mean I'm under any illusion that doing that will be easy. My debt would increase. I might not be able to keep that car. I might be paying my rent in small, unmarked bills.

But, I know I'm lucky to be able to seriously contemplate doing this. Having a midlife crisis is, in the final analysis, a luxury.

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