Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Back to the week

It's that time again, to head back to the office for another exciting week, which may start with inquiring as to why the invoice I submitted two weeks ago hasn't resulted in a check yet. Actually, it's about that time now and I'm dallying by taking time to write a quick journal entry.

Naturally, yesterday I did go out driving as predicted, and I didn't get much done, also as predicted. I went to Santa Cruz and spent a little time wandering its downtown area, which I hadn't seen before--I've been past it, and in the town north of it, but never in downtown proper. I have to say it's a pretty cool place. It's all very pedestrian-oriented, like Los Gatos, but has more of the funky, college-town feel thanks to the UC campus there. And, it has more of a bright and airy look to it that's more amiable than Berkeley's darker, closed-in look, particularly on Telegraph. (Berkeley's other main drag, Shattuck, is open and prettier, even though the funky shops are mostly on Telegraph.) Tugrik tells me of a friend of his who envisions Santa Cruz as his own personal Shangri-La; while I wouldn't go that far, I can see the attraction. I wandered around for a while and stopped at an Italian deli for a muffaleta.

Then it was a drive back home, sort of. I detoured down past Monterey (and slightly through it), then up the 17-mile drive to Pebble Beach. It's an insanely pretty drive, through what might well be the most exclusive neighborhood on the north half of the Pacific Coast--ending up at the Lodge at Pebble Beach, the place where all the golf tournaments seem to be held. On the drive back from the lodge, I saw eight deer in a group merrily munching away on the golf course, with golfers detouring around them.

Now it's past dallying time, and time to pack up lest I really manage to be late. I haven't heard back from any feelers I've sent out in the past two weeks, which disappoints me slightly--but only slightly. This week, more portfolio work, more thinking about possible book subjects and titles, more thoughts on how I could do some marketing of myself as a print designer.

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