Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Lazy Sunday -- so far

I'm up a little too late, since I went to bed a little too late. It occurs to me that I've had a load of laundry waiting for me to get it out of the dryer for about 20 hours now. But it'll wait for me to finish my coffee.

Thursday I noticed that my car's tires were going bald, and realized I'd probably gone close to 20,000 miles over their expected life span. So I took the car into a tire dealer yesterday and got four new tires, "Dunlop Sport A2s." Reports say they're one of the best tires in their class, but their class is lower than the class of the tires I was looking at online, and naturally, I feel like I paid too much for them. Next time I may buy tires through TireRack.com, which will ship them to a garage to install them for you. Even with shipping charges and higher installation charges, it would have probably been $490 instead of $590. (Both of those are extremely high to someone whose previous cars took "whatever's on the $34.99 special today" class tires.)

Of course, having new tires gives me an incentive--or temptation, depending on how you look at it--to go out driving somewhere today. I have stuff I should be working on. For all the typography experimentation I've done recently, I haven't gotten very far with Why Coyotes Howl beyond a test document I've been constantly playing with. I need to think more seriously about what I could write for my theoretical publishing company, and what manuscripts I'd be looking for from others. And I need to work more on my portfolio file.

Most of this work is "portable" in that it's on my laptop, but I know from past travels that I'm more likely to be struck by inspiration on the road than to stop somewhere long enough to get actual work done. Of course, I keep wondering if I could write something about day trips. Perhaps an outsider's guide to the Pacific Coast Highway? Amusing concept, although I'm not sure I could make it work. (And for now I need to resist the temptation to write a book about travelling the whole length of the PCH, which I've really only seen between San Simeon and Fort Bragg. I'm not sure what my boss would make of that vacation request.)

As I muddle through to more typographically-inclined pursuits, I've been reworking my web site. I've given ranea.org something of a real front page again, and completely revamped my design page to be print-oriented (and to be horribly pretentious, I know). This is also where what I have of my portfolio--so far three pages and a sort-of résumé--is linked.

Now, though, I've finished my coffee. Time to rescue the laundry, and then...

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