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I read a report recently online somewhere that some analysts think the SF Bay Area's economy must be improving, because the commuting traffic is getting worse: there are more vehicles on the road going to and from offices.

They're not making it up, either; I've noticed that, if only over the past month or so. The shortest-mile route for me to take to the office is to go up the CA 85 freeway to where it meets US 101, and take that to Menlo Park--the exit ramp I'd take from 101 is about a half-mile from my office. The thing is, 85 has been jammed recently, and 101 has always sucked lemons. The route that I started taking months ago--taking 85 to I-280, and actually driving the last few miles through Menlo Park itself--I originally chose because the drive was much less packed, even if the city streets at the end slowed it down to a point where the commute time evened out. (These "city streets" generally aren't heavy traffic, they're just low speed limit--none of them are major arteries.) The upshot of the increased 85/101 traffic, though, is that my prettier, low-stress route now also happens to be faster all around.

I'm slowly setting up the print portfolio that I ... well, I don't know that I need it, exactly, since I don't know if I'm going to be doing much freelance typesetting. But it seems like a good thing to do. I've also put up a resume as a "typographer" on Monster.com, albeit as much for a lark as an expectation of a real lead. (I'm tempted to download the Quark Xpress demo to get familiar with it again, but I need to keep in mind that my ultimate goal isn't to get freelance piecework from other companies, so investing a lot of time and effort into making myself attractive for just that is counterproductive. If a publisher was interested in having me actually do contract book design for them, I'd be willing to talk, though.)

Now, speaking of commutes, it's slightly past time to start my own once more. On the agenda for today: buying a pica ruler, if I can find one.

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