Watts (chipotle) wrote,


As close to a "completely losing it" day at work as I've had in years. Woot! The evening went better, meeting Kim, his sister and her husband for dinner in Menlo Park at J.Z. Cool's, the more-organic-than-thou deli/café. Organic doesn't have to mean vegetarian: I had a "stuffed" meatloaf topped with marinara sauce on a bed of macaroni and cheese, the whole thing about as light and fluffy as it sound like it would be.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to go AWOL, heading north to Ukiah just to see what the town and the area is like. I've passed through it before on two trips, but it's never been a destination in itself. I may find that it really isn't worthy of one. I may decide I want to move there and, uh, herd yaks, or whatever one does in Ukiah. (Runs a coffee shop? Clearcuts old growth forests? Grows pot?)

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