Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Temporary vegan thoughts

I'm sitting at the Bay Leaf Cafe as I start writing this, a place I'd call "aggressively vegetarian"--I think all the dishes are actually vegan. They also have a free wireless access point.

I've finally started the process of registering my car here in California, many months too late. I want to try to get registration in hand by the end of this month; I hadn't remembered that registration fees are going to triple come October 1st. This doesn't enthuse me. As it is, I'm going to likely be paying a 40% (!) late filing penalty. Yay.

I applied for another part-time position, this time for wed design in Los Gatos; I didn't hear anything back yet, but we'll see. I confess I have more than a little trepidation at this--I'd like to build up at least $5K after my expected tax liability before trying anything too daring--but the prospect of cutting my commute down to ten minutes instead of forty, as well as getting a position which at least feels closer to my dream work, is tempting. And besides, how could I not apply to a position that I'm not only qualified for but which is listed with the warning, "Must like big dogs?"

While I say it feels closer to my dream work, I'm aware that it's hardly related to running a small press. This is the note of realism in that dream, though: I'll need to do work part-time to support it.

Of course, I'll also need to actually have a first title to print, which is something I haven't seriously started to look for. I have some thoughts on the subject I've already put forth here, and a good person to contact courtesy of Maggie. One thing I know I don't want to do is advertise for manuscript submissions; I learned my lesson about that in the failed revival of Mythagoras. If I get a title or two actually produced and really do open up enough time in my weeks to play submissions editor, I'll think about it.

Now I've long since finished the bowl of curried carrot soup and organic bread, and I'm sipping a hot chai, made with soy milk. Even though I don't like soy milk on its own (if I'm going to have a non-dairy faux milk, I like rice milk, preferably vanilla), this is pretty good. I didn't have any meat yesterday, either, and I'm tempted to keep it up tomorrow.

Saturday, though, I'll go to a steak house. Shh.

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