Watts (chipotle) wrote,

It's another relatively-late morning, almost

It's another relatively-late morning, almost 9:00 as I write this, which means I have just 15 minutes (20 if I push) before I have to head into work. When I got back into work on Thursday and mentioned that I'd slept most of Wednesday, my boss said, "sleep deprivation will catch up to you," which I admit sounds plausible.

I'm inching along on my publishing ideas, starting to put together a "design book" that can be downloaded as a makeshift portfolio. That's only marginally related to being a book publisher, I know, but I suspect my press will also offer design services, at least initially. If I want it to be a major, or even sole, source of income, it's going to have to ramp up fast once it truly exists. I may have to break down and try to do some true logo design in the portfolio, too--I'm far better at layout than graphic design work. Time to actually read the manual that came with Freehand. (To Adobe Illustrator fans, I note only that Freehand came with Studio MX when I bought it. If I have the money to get serious, perhaps I'll upgrade from Adobe InDesign 2 to their full Design Studio when the next release comes out.)

On the phone with mom last weekend (I call her every Saturday), I mentioned that I was seriously thinking about starting a little publishing house. She wasn't enthusiastic, saying only, "when are you going to publish your stuff?" Now, understand that she's been supportive of most of my craziness, including moving to California (and without being one of the ones who said, "sure, you have to do that to find yourself, then you'll end up somewhere else," evidently without understanding how blithely dismissive that was). This is actually a kind of support, too--she's more convinced than I am that I have a future as a great writer.

The thing is, I like publishing, and I particularly like page design and typography. I think I'm old, or at least wise, enough to pull it off now. It's neither slit-your-wrists rote drudge work nor mind-wracking puzzle work, both of which leave me unable to think--and write--in off hours. If I could actually pull off being self-employed in that field and make a living wage at it, I think it'd be rejuvenating, not draining. I'd have a better chance writing things under those circumstances, I think--and I'd still be doing something that, on the balance, I enjoyed. (I say "on the balance" because I'm not deluded into thinking I'd love the business paperwork aspect of things; I'd just steel myself to attend to it.)

More later, perhaps, but it's 9:30 now, meaning I'm well past the point when I can actually make it into the office by 10:00. D'oh.

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