Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Today I made a significant change to the back-end of the journal system, although if you're viewing this from my homepage you should notice almost no difference. (The new system makes my journal available on LiveJournal; I'll see how this experiment goes.

The most illuminating thing about the changeover was actually the process of importing a year of journal entries into the new format. For one, it shows just how few entries I actually make! But, even with only a few entries a month, it's interesting to watch the progression, the different attitudes. The first few entries I was excited about starting a new job--and apprehensive. And here it is the end of the year and I'm apprehensive about going in every day. I've started a fair number of stories but haven't finished any. And, peculiarly, the two that I'm struggling with now are both ghosts from the past, after a fashion--In Our Image and a new Ranea story that I'll talk about if it ever threatens to really go anywhere.

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