Watts (chipotle) wrote,


So at work yesterday I was having more trouble than usual focusing (and lately focus hasn't been an easy thing to come by there). I felt caught flat-footed a couple times with nothing accomplished while a non-work chat window was open. And, at some point during the afternoon, an impromptu discussion about reporting happened around my boss's desk with the company's CTO and CEO. The CEO was flipping through report documents on my boss's laptop and brought up one that was obviously a job requisition, for a job that sounded exactly like what he and I both do.

Welcome to paranoia!

Technically, any contract work should have a defined end point, a goal that fulfills the contract. That's one of the hallmarks--even in a legal sense--that differentiates it from employment. My last contract, which is actually up, did have vaguely defined goals, which I vaguely didn't meet, because nobody else seemed to really be focused on them.

I think I need to start working toward a few specific goals--namely automating the reports we're doing for other people so they can run them on their own. If this means the job has a defined end, so be it. I like my coworkers and I like what the company's doing, at times I like the work, and obviously I like the paycheck, but overall this is unnecessarily draining. What else would I do? Damned if I know, but I'm confident something would come along.

Now I need to get into work. I'd wanted to get in early today, which isn't going to happen except for a very loose definition of "early" at this point...

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