Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Society garlic

I'm sipping coffee before heading into work, and attending to bills either nearly or already overdue, arranging to pay almost exactly 50% of my checking account out (this includes six months' worth of insurance, and two months' worth of health coverage, as the benefits administration company insists I'm behind a month even though I think they're actually just really slow processing payments). About 65% of the remaining amount will go for car payment and rent. No matter how well off I've been at any point, at least, bill-paying makes me feel poor, which is probably why I'm so lackadaisical about doing it on time.

In Florida, I never used to sleep with the windows open in my bedroom. Even on days when it'd be comfortable in the apartment during the morning or evening with the sliding glass door open in the back and the window by the front door open--it created a very pleasant cross-breeze--it wouldn't be comfortable at night. Summer lows in Tampa are in the mid-70s, and even in fall and spring when the lows might be in the 60s, the humidity was far too high to be comfortable. Night time was air conditioned three seasons out of four. In winter, when lows dropped to the low 50s or 40s, it was too cold to keep the windows open at night. (Many people I knew wouldn't keep them open during the day then, but my blood wasn't quite that thin.)

The last week here, though, I've been sleeping with the window wide open. I'm not sure what the temperature in my room is but it's not low--I'm sure it approaches or surpasses 80 in the afternoon--and the best way to get it comfortable enough to sleep in is to open the window after sunset and put the box fan on the windowsill for a while, then take it down and leave it running through the night. The best sleeping temperature really seems to hit around five in the morning this way, naturally, but even so I've been sleeping much better since I've been doing this.

The odd thing is, though, for the last few mornings I've been woken up by a kitchen smell--garlic and onions.

I'm guessing that somewhere around here, someone's planted "society garlic," a little decorative plant which looks kind of like a high grass, shooting out taller stalks with small, pretty purple flowers on it. It really is a type of garlic, though, and in high summer you can tell that by the smell.

I haven't decided if this is a good thing to be woken up by each morning or not.

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