Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Go on, ask me how my plane trip went

The second leg of the trip, from Phoenix to San Jose, was cancelled last night, meaning I got hastily put up at the Radisson by the Phoenix airport and then sent on a plane out this morning to San Francisco, where I was sent by shuttle back to San Jose.

The plane out this morning was delayed, too.

I'm back, though, with a few story notes and a barely-started con report I'm not sure I'll finish and a lot of disorganized thoughts. A few of them:

I talked to the artist I've been talking to in email about cover art, and she said that she didn't get the last mail I sent her--the one with the story attached. While I'm not ruling her out I'm going to be looking more actively for other artists.

I got a copy of "Best in Show," the collection of anthropomorphic stories Sofawolf and Fred Patten produced as representative of the best of the last fifteen years of the fandom. Since I've largely been ignorant of the web-only publications and haven't seen most of the fanzines produced since ’93 or so, some of these are new to me. (Although the faux-statistician in me wants to do a distribution chart to see if publication of "good stories" is increasing or decreasing over time, and in which mediums.) My own story in it is "How George Miles Almost Saved the World," which appeared in YARF! 15.

My typical con behavior is to wander around bumping into friends, or trying to. This year, doing that seemed... muted. I'm not sure how much of it was my own low energy due to a head cold. There were people I wished I'd connected with longer, and people I expected to connect with who I really didn't (and who, my inner paranoid junior high schooler suspects, weren't as interested in connecting with me as I with them). And of course there were people I connected with very well. I'll probably write more about this later.

For now, though, a hopefully-quick trip to the drug store and hardware store, and perhaps an attempt to talk local friends into going to Pasta Pomodoro or some such for dinner.

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