Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Almost up at a reasonable time...

...actually, I suppose I was up at one. I haven't been sleeping too well the last week, for reasons I suspect are partially environmental. To wit, I'm eating too late, going to bed too late, and sometimes sleeping in too warm a room. Cracking the window open and having the fan on help, but I still start waking up as soon as light enters--which seems to be about 5:30, despite the weather report claiming the San Jose sunrise isn't for nearly a half-hour past that. I can roll over and snooze, but that tends to buy me only another 45 minutes or so.

Last night, though, Revar, Tugrik, Samanthia and I all went to the Rock Bottom Brewery at the Prune Yard and ate around 8:00-ish. By 11:00 p.m. I was feeling far more tired than I think of myself as normally being by that "early" hour, and I got ready for bed, making it there by just a bit past 11:30.

So this morning I woke up at around 6:30 (counting one of those snooze rollovers). I got myself together, made coffee, walked around the block to actually get a bit of sunshine and exercise--yeah, really mild exercise, but lately all I've been doing is sitting at my desk and driving--in the cool morning air. ("Cool morning air" in summer is still something of a novelty to me.) Then I came back and started my morning online routine, getting email, reading friends' journals and firing up NetNewsWire.

And it's still only 8:30. I'm not sure whether to go back to the Cocoa book and the last few chapters I failed to work through in my sprint through most of it a couple weeks ago, or just head on into work. I'm inclined to the latter, but I realize that showing up "early" won't mean that I'll leave any earlier.

I'd like to think I'm setting a good precedent for myself here nonetheless...

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