Watts (chipotle) wrote,

On well-roundedness

A quote from Arthur Hlavaty by way of Electrolite:

I get more and more tired of the apotheosis of well-roundedness, whether it's Heinlein's list of all the things a person should be able to do to be considered human, or saying that people who are "too" interested in something "have too much free time." The British Pocket Essentials Guide to Conspiracy Theories says, "Trainspotter and anorak are terms media representatives use for people who have a longer attention span than they do." Geekery is a form of division of labor, which is what got humanity to the moderate amount of civilization we have now; it's a negentropic factor that is as natural as entropy.

Interesting observation. I don't think I'd argue against the virtues of being well-rounded, per se, but "jack of all trades, master of none" comes to mind about myself on occasion. Now, while I do have stories to work on and an increasingly overdue letter to an artist to get out, I have to get back to working on learning Apple's Cocoa API, because... ooh, shiny!...


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