Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Slagging the NYT

In an interesting observation on the current flack surrounding the New York Times and more generally on the "punching bag" role that paper in particular takes for bias, Patrick Nielsen Hayden writes,
"It's hard to believe that, among the ills that afflict us, one of the greatest is excessive media devotion to verifiability and documentable fact. That the Times has a complex, decades-old bureaucratic culture devoted to that sort of slogging is an accomplishment of civilization, not a menace to it--even when and if that bureaucratic culture fails."

The article he's writing about by Virginia Postrel makes the observation, "The blogosphere is full of commentators, because commentary is easy and quick." It is, and of course doing what I'm doing--linking to somebody else's commentary and saying "yeah, what he said"--is even more glib. But it's leading me progressively closer to my own commentary about the distinction between what conservatives mean by "liberal media bias" and what liberals mean by "conservative media bias." (TV networks, CNN and, yes, even the NYT and NPR are all frequently criticized from the left. That you're not likely to hear those criticisms anywhere mainstream is another interesting piece of the puzzle.)

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