Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Writing secrets revealed!

By way of Patrick Nielsen Hayden's weblog, Electrolite: Novelist Jo Walton muses on deeper meanings behind... keyboard wear.

I pretend to be puzzled by this, but secretly I love it. Keyboard letters contain vital nutrients for my metabolism. They are where I get my ideas from, they keep my creativity flowing. They go in and out through my fingers and leave the keyboard burnished and empty.

It's clearly magic realism, because it ought to work like that. It's not in the least remarkable. One would only need to remark on it if it didn't happen.

(Interesting that my jaunt into the "blogosphere" has in fact redirected me back to LiveJournal. Also interesting to see the people commenting on that entry, and their friends-of-friends lists... there are more professional genre writers lurking on LJ than one might expect.)
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