Watts (chipotle) wrote,

A mild dilemma

So, I'm (slowly) working on a complete revamp of my personal website. I've become mildly enamored of a weblog system called Movable Type that I've set up elsewhere, and I'm strongly considering using it as the core for the new website. This goes hand-in-hand with my ongoing interest in RSS, the XML-based "syndication system" that many news/journal sites provide.

The dilemma is, of course, this journal.

The easiest solution--and one other people I know have taken--is just for me to set up the Movable Type weblog and tell people here that they'll need to add that weblog to their LJ friends list. (This is what journalist Scot Hacker did, for instance; his original LiveJournal was shacker and after he switched to Movable Type, anyone interested in continued reading could add shacker2, his RSS feed, to their friends list.)

The more complex solution is for me to try to get Movable Type to actually automatically send posts I make there to LiveJournal. This has the dual advantage of not making friends here have to make changes to their friends list, and lets me add LJ-specific posts if I want to. (Movable Type is essentially a personal content management system, and as such has no concept of a "protected entry." While there's a certain unassailable logic in that simplicity--if you want it private, don't post it--there's an obvious virtue in being able to post something that can be seen by a select group of friends you know will be reading their journal friends pages.)

And, on the third hand (oh, just play along), I could actually maintain two separate weblogs. I'd thought about that--keeping this one more of a personal "what's Watts doing" journal and having the second be something closer to a column, delving a little more into writing, politics, food and the like. This wouldn't shut LJ friends out of that, since--as described above--they'd still be able to add the weblog to their friends list.

So. Any suggestions/thoughts from that friends list? (Or anyone else who reads this: this journal also appears on my home page, and I know it's read by a few non-LiveJournal people. Anyone in that group would only get the new weblog if I made separate ones--although of course they'd be able to simply go to http://chipotle.livejournal.com/ and read this one, too, in that case.)

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