Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Notes from the... couch

While I'm not on the road now, I should be, I think: it's a beautiful day out, and it's the first weekend the temperature is expected to get into the low 70s here.

It hasn't been a beautiful week. I became sick last Friday and I haven't fully recovered; I've been thinking it was a strong cold or an exceedingly mild flu, but I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't a serious allergy attack. It is, after all, spring, the time for plants to fill the air with glorious pollen and to send those of us who suffer from hay fever into paroxysms. I'm out of Benadryl, so on my way out this afternoon to wherever I end up, I'm going to get some Claritin and see what the "big gun" of over-the-counter allergy medicine does.

Naturally, it hasn't been a very creative week, either. Online roleplaying has been a bit of a bright spot, in that I got a character who's largely been dormant for years into unexpected and interesting situations. (I won't go into the sordid details, even if you want me to. Ha!) My "offline" writing projects have been quiescent, though. I was somewhat depressed by missing the deadline for contributions to Anthrocon's program book, which came a month earlier than I'd have expected it to.

Short-term plan: Find the backup CDs I made of my PowerBook and the PC and look for some stalled stories I'd like to get back to. Naturally, the CDs aren't in the place I'd thought they were; I'm not sure if that means they're in a box in the garage, or if they're buried in my room somewhere. This brings up another short-term plan, although it could be a major project--moving from my small room into the now-vacant bedroom that Glum had been in. This is a major project partially because of the amount of my junk, but more from the amount of his junk that he helpfully left behind. I can't complain too loudly--I left random flotsam and jetsam with Kim to be hauled away with the flotsam and jetsam he was getting rid of--but it does make the room switch more "interesting" than it rightly should be.

Actually, the shortest short-term plan is to get out to a drug store for that Claritin before I stop being able to breathe, and then to find lunch and/or something to do for the afternoon. No one else in the apartment has shown signs of stirring, so the chances are that I'm on my own.Off to shave so I look (slightly) less like a street bum.

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