Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Random notes

I'm still employed, and still flying without a net, so to speak--I've been told for two weeks they're officially renewing my contract but I have no paper yet. I'm going to be dutifully submitting an invoice on Monday for these last two weeks, of course, and see what happens. No, I don't want to work without being paid (lest anyone ask), but I'm aware of how Small Office Confusion™ happens. If no payment for the last invoice I produced happens next week I may start getting a little cranky.

The workload has been busier the last couple of weeks and may get busier yet--from talk on Friday, it sounds like I might end up building a simple web application for customer service. I'll have to see what platforms and tools they're using; I know the backend will be MySQL, but I'm not sure what they're using as their front-end server. If it's PHP, I'm already set; if it's ASP, I imagine I'll be able to fudge it, and it'll shore that skill up on my résumé anyway, so all will be right with the world.

I've been playing around with a new (to me) OS X program called "ThemeManager," which does pretty much what it sounds like it would--manages new themes (or "skins," if you will) for the OS. This is something that OS X goes out of its beady-eyed little way to prevent, apparently on the sole grounds that Steve Jobs doesn't want people to muck with the overall OS look too much. (Personally, I think this is one of those cases where Microsoft got it right, as shocking as the thought is--they keep their OS customization fairly subdued by default, only letting you change fonts and colors [and I don't think it'd be bad if they limited people to schemes that weren't eye-bleeding, but that's just me], but they've actually worked with a few third-party companies on defining hidden theming controls. That way, the small percentage of people who are willing to take the effort to go out and find programs to radically change the OS's look can find them, the programmers who want to create them have a little niche market with tacit approval from Big Brother, and everyone else is left unbothered.

While I've grown to like Aqua, there's a theme called "Rhapsodized" that I've just about fallen in love with after only a couple days of use. It's essentially a re-imagining of the old Mac OS 9 "Platinum" look. (Old Mac followers will remember that "Rhapsody" was the project name for what became the first release of Mac OS X Server.)

Now to plan what to do with the day. It's about 10:30 and the sun is shining, and the temperature's going to be up to 75 or so--in other words, it's too gorgeous a day to be inside. It occurs to me that this is a large part of why I never seem to get my personal projects attended to quickly, but maybe someday I'll figure out how to resolve that time scheduling issue. Someday.

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