Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Obscure music news

A defunct group I like (and that I wrote about a while ago here) has, in the last month, is returning--twice. Sort of.

The group is October Project, which put out two CDs in the early 90s and disbanded after the frustrations of lackluster label support. I found out about them a couple years ago when I heard the song "A Lonely Voice" on Tampa's WMNF (a station that's been called one of the 20 best in the country, and deservedly so). What immediately hit me was the voice of the lead singer, one of the most beautiful contraltos I've ever heard, layered over lush orchestral rock arrangements. The songwriting of the core duo is beautiful, if sometimes enigmatic; they continued writing together after the group disbanded, trying to pull together another group, then working on the solo CD of Marina Belica, the group's secondary singer.

Now, finally, they're back together as October Project, with Belica as the lead singer now. She's got a good voice, although not as good as that of Mary Fahl, the original singer. (The "enthralling vocals" quote blazoned over the site refers to Fahl, even if they've done their best to downplay her significance on the site.) They're working on an EP, and--in theory--on a full-length CD after that, apparently on their own initiative rather than working through a record company.

Mary Fahl also put out her own EP in 2001 and seemed to disappear, even from the limited limelight she had with October Project. Now she at least has the potential to be a lot more visible virtually all at once: she has a song on the soundtrack for limited release film "The Guys" coming out next month, a song on the soundtrack for the very major release "Gods and Generals" coming out the month after that--and it looks like they're pushing to promote that soundtrack very heavily--and the month after that, a new CD called "The Other Side of Time" from Sony Classical. I have no idea how she ended up on Sony Classical, but it suggests somebody in Recording Land has decided (probably correctly) that Fahl is more in Diana Krall's league than Britney Spears' league.

My obligatory anti-RIAA feelings aside, I hope both Fahl and her original bandmates do well.

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