Watts (chipotle) wrote,

It's approaching midnight and I'm at the airport, waiting for jadedfox to show up (the flight's been delayed).

I was at the office this first day from about 9:30 am to 9:00 pm. I'll hope this won't be a harbinger. I'm also a 1099 contractor, which means I have to invoice them and all--which definitely means I should have asked for more money. (Obviously pay is better than no pay, but I'm making less than I was at NetPoodles.) Live and learn.

Having said that, it's a fascinating place to be, and despite the dubious "you're working with Excel? Voluntarily?" reactions from some friends, it's stuff I like doing. I just hadn't considered that i'd be able to find data positions like this out there (and to be sure, I didn't find this one, Lynx pointed me at it). I hope I can manage the myriad of charts and reports this will involve.

I liked this stuff at Intermedia, but there it was phone and frame relay data. The stuff I'm doing now is analysis on the back end of the Metaverse.

No, really. It's in beta now, you see.

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