Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Not notes from the field

It occurs to me I haven't done a "notes from the field" entry in some time. Maybe I should try to fix that when I can.

In something of a blur, I've been pointed at an Excel-based "number crunching" position at a company that several friends work at, and I'm going in for an interview tomorrow. They're looking for someone to be able to start Wednesday.

This is good, obviously. I'm a little leery of the timing because, of course, I have a convention coming up next weekend. Work has to come first, but I'm not just a con-goer, I'm a participant: I'm speaking on some of the panels. And I'm looking forward to taking an out-of-town friend (jadedfox) around.

--also, of course, worrying about that is a little premature since it's not like I've been asked to do more than come there and talk to the guy who's their main number-cruncher now.

In an utterly unrelated note, there are points at which I share the "love of infrastructure" bug that tugrik has. I've been thinking about replacing the cheap coffee grinder that I have--a $30 burr grinder model, which makes it just barely better than a $20 blade grinder to start with. The grind's uneven, on coarse grinds (like what you need for a drip coffee maker, or even more a French press) it "powders," and more to the point the grounds chamber is a little cracked and it makes an awful mess. It's been like this for a couple years and I've been too lazy to look at a better one.

I saw a Black & Decker grinder at Target for $30 but figured--hey, it's another $30 burr grinder, so why not check what a real coffee shop has? Today at Peet's, I saw their burr grinder--a Solis Maestro, for $130. I said, "Ha," and went on my way.

But tonight, while trying to put my mind off the possibility of being nervous about the interview tomorrow, I researched coffee grinders and learned that the Solis Maestro is considered about the best "all-purpose" coffee grinder you can get without jumping up to true commercial grinders.

If I do get the job, this might be a purchase after all...

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